Identification Required for Reciprocal Borrowing

The type of library identification required for reciprocal borrowing is determined by each participating consortium. The information below indicates what identification is required by students, faculty and staff based in the various regions or provinces. For example, students, faculty and staff based in the Atlantic provinces should obtain a CAAL card to present at other Canadian university libraries. Students, faculty and staff based in the western provinces should obtain a COPPUL card. These cards can be obtained from the library of the home institution.

Students, faculty and staff should check with the library of their home institution to ensure they have the appropriate identification before visiting another Canadian university library.

CAAL-CBPA: Council of Atlantic Academic Libraries (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador)

  • a CAAL card (new and old) with an expiry date.

BCI: Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (Québec)

OCUL: Ontario Council of University Libraries (Ontario)

  • a valid library card from a member institution or an IUBP (Inter-University Borrowing Project) card. OCUL libraries may require collateral picture ID (preferably a driver’s license), in addition to a library card, for reciprocal borrowing. Please check individual library websites for their requirements.
    Note: Students, faculty and staff from Ontario libraries are expected to present an IUBP card to Quebec libraries.

COPPUL: Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

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